Green Environment

We at BG technologies believe that an environmental approach should be taken to reduce the use of pollutants in all production processes. Therefore, we invest considerable resources in improving the processes in the plant in order to minimize damage to the environment.

For example, we invested in the installation and operation of an advanced wastewater recycling facility that significantly reduces the flow of sewage into the environment and saves many water and energy.

We make every effort to use environmentally friendly products as much as possible, and most of our products are based on water.

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A little about the packing of BG products:

We use recycled raw materials and produce black-colored packaging. The new packaging line of BG Technologies combines, inter alia, 2 unique features that add value to the nature of the product and the contribution to the environment.

First, the packaging is made from polypropylene, which distills oil. The black color chosen to accompany the new product line complies with the fact that the packaging of such packaging enables the use of recycled raw material (PP-5), thereby reducing the use of virgin raw materials and crude consumption = oil. Depreciation that was previously scraped and transferred to the use of inferior products is now used to create the original packaging for which the raw material was produced, maximizing production resources.

Second, the new packaging line is characterized, among other things, by label labels using the IML method (the packing with the label). These labels, unlike the common paper stickers, are made from PP to the plastic bucket, thus making the package homogeneous, 100% PP.

When the package is transferred to recycling at the end of use, the recycling corporation will receive a product that is 100% PP instead of a mixture of plastic and paper chips (formerly used to design the packaging). Recycling this mixture is almost impossible. If it can be recycled, then the energy consumption is so high that in the end the pollution is greater.

BG BOND think smart. Black = Green.

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